Join the Global Management Program (GMP) in Japan in July 2020.
Interact with multiple business experts and like-minded students from around the world.

Fast Retailing, group parent of the global UNIQLO clothing brand, is offering a unique opportunity for motivated, high-achieving young people from all the corners of the world to come together. Join us to devise exciting possibilities for a dynamic, innovation-driven company that is focused on nurturing strong managers, celebrating diversity, and pursuing a responsible, sustainable business.

Come visit Japan and one of the world’s fast-growing companies


GMP is a 5-Day intensive business study program in Tokyo in which you are provided with a unique opportunity to visit our head offices and stores, while having business sessions with market specialists to know more about our industry and business.

During the 5 Days, you will be asked to tackle some global issue and find your own solution toward it through collaborating with other students from different backgrounds and discussing with business specialists.

For more information about our business, please take a look at the followings:
Fastretailing IR :
Our Sustainability :


"A challenging week that can be one of the best time you will ever spend"

"The GMP taught me the value of diversity in any business. It also demonstrated how it fosters creativity and that at the heart of any business are its employees and how they work with each other"

"I learnt not only about the UNIQLO brand and company, but also how to collaborate with a diverse group of people and how to break down a complex problem, provide solutions and disseminate the information in a short time frame. This is something I hope to take forward in future work and group situations"


Days From July 5th , Sunday
To July 11th , Saturday
(5-Day program plus 2 travel days)
Venue Tokyo, Japan
Participants Expecting about 45 university students from around the world
Language The program will be all in English
Expenses We will cover expenses of flights, accommodations,
and a set amount for meals during the stay


STEP1 Application
+ Short Essays
(2 topics, 400 words maximum)
February – March 08, 00:00, 2020
STEP2 Assessment Test February – March 08, 00:00, 2020
STEP3 1st Interview March, 2020
STEP4 Final Interview April, 2020


  • 我方会在最终面试结束后 10个工作日内与优胜者联系,确认本人是否有意愿参与日本东京研修之旅,并取得本人同意。如果获胜人员无法取得联系或因个人原因或不可抗力无法参日本东京研修之旅,将视为放弃获胜资格 。
  • 为方便统一安排优胜人员赴日机票及酒店住宿,优胜者须提供本人的姓名、护照号、联系手机号等相关信息。我们承诺会将获取的个人信息妥善保管并仅用于本次活动。
  • 优胜者须自行办理个人护照及赴日签证。若由于日本出入境政策限制,优胜者无法在指定期间内赴日参加日本东京研修之旅的,该优胜者的研修资格取消,请予以理解并请提前告知我方。
  • 若发现参赛人员在参赛过程中有任何舞弊、欺诈或违法违规行为,我方有权在不经事先通知的前提下,取消其获得的优胜资格。
  • 因网络、通讯线路故障等非我方原因导致参赛人员无法完成线上评测/面试、系统误送获奖通知或其他参赛人员遭受损失的,我方恕不承担任何责任。
  • 本赛事仅为参赛人员提供商业研修和互动交流服务,参赛人员不得利用相关活动网站发布侮辱与攻击性语言、不得侵犯他人隐私、不得发布任何违法内容,任何参赛人员发布、参与、传播互动内容而导致的法律责任,由参赛人员自行承担。
  • 参赛人员在参赛过程中发生损失或损害,非因我方故意或重大过失造成的参赛人员财产损失,或我方已尽到安全保障义务且非因我方原因造成的参赛人员人身伤害,我方恕不承担任何责任。